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Sunday, September 03, 2006

the buddy we miss

i know its gay to tell u this man...i know you're gonna curse me, i know you're gonna smack me so bad, i know you're gonna steam so badd... but i think most of here do wanna tell u this man.... we miss u.... and we wanna watch u dance without ur clothes on... cindy wants to help u shave... lili wants to eat u for dinner.... charles wants to molest u and I wanna bring u to MONGKOK CHAR CHAN TENG!!!!! lol

kim yew, we're all awaiting your return... u know we miss ur big arms and charles would like to challenge u to an arm wrestle.... cuz he's got a big arm too he says....

ok kim yew, to spice things up a lil I'm gonna post the exact conversation between me and Charles the other night...... here goes:

Charles: Shit man, i miss kim yew lar...

Me : yeah ler me too larr.. he's coming back in december so we can give him a "CUP" of shut

the fuck up....

Charles: hahahah im gonna tell him.... hahahahaha

Me : aiyahhhh why like that.. we all fren fren marr...

Charles: hahahaha actually i also wanna shut him up... kim yew always thinks his arms is damn

huge and all... i think ur balls even bigger man.... wahahhahaha

Me : yeah thats true also... my balls knocked my gf out before and it was easy....

Charles: i think i wanna "chek cau" ( in english means fight) with him lar...

Me : u go and try ler.. i dont dare lar....

Charles:Scared of wattttt...... "keng kui yau nga ar??" (in english means scared he
got teeth issit??)

---------------------------------THE END-------------------------------


Anonymous hendrik said...

2 gay guy talking about another gay guy.

he's back !!!

7:04 PM  

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