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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

close call

It was a mad navigation exercise with gay pilot Bryan... we were so close to losing our lives to a 2000ft mountain right ahead.... but with the skillz of a good pilot like me we managed to avoid the giant in front of us just in time.

Sorry that I couldnt snap some photos because my life is at risk at that particular time but here's an actual sketch of what happened:

1) Departed Melaka at 1100 hrs LMT

2)Tracked eastbound for about 30 mins due traffic and southbound to Kulai about 15 miles from Johor.

3)As you can see from the sketch there's a bloody 2000ft mountain about 4 miles from Kulai.

4)Visibility was poor and it was as low as 3km with heavy rain and broken clouds.

5)Johor Air traffic control cleared us 1000ft inbound for Johor Senai Airport once visual with Kulai

Theres more to that friends.Both of us on board we practically having fun, eating,chatting,drinking,smoking and everything else except for maintaining our heading on the compass for Johor.So there you go, what else do I have to say? We were lost for a good 10 minutes with poor visibility while on a low cruising altitude of 1000ft.We started to panic and started calculating our current position with our groundspeed and time.Carried out lost procedure and all.But nothing seems to be working.Knowing that theres a huge mountain in front of us we were just circling around some area in between Kulai and the mountains without any bearings.So theres only one word to describe that scenario, FUCKED !!!!

Not long after, I saw high ground coming up on the windscreen of the aircraft.Surprise surprise !!!! its that dude which is 2000ft high!! nice job but he didnt kill us cuz he's not pro enuff... it was all good experience... landed in johor safely and had lunch in the terminal.The flight back was all good as well. We were more aware that time but i was feeling abit sleepy after the meal.

approaching johor in misty weather


Anonymous bryan said...

u retard.... ur balls were shrinking up ur throat whilst i was navigating

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