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Monday, September 25, 2006

Ebay has turned into E-Gay

Have u shopped online yet?Chances are you have or know someone who has.Shopping online means access to numerous products 24 hours a day,seven days a week all from the comfort of your own home or office.Ebay has turned into one of the giants of online shopping.But is it safe?I can tell you its not.I can honestly tell you that Ebay Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and India is officially FUCKED by some dickheads who tries to act funny.

I was trying to sell a phone online the other day with a pretty reasonable price.I posted it up for sale in Ebay Malaysia as well as Ebay Singapore for the price of RM1500 and SGD800.I have been an Ebay member for the past 4 years.Seen many assholes and shits in ebay.And to my surprise it's still happening.And the number of asswhips are increasing.So I being a serious seller should expect a serious bidder/buyer as well.So there's this dude with a funky name of "Demetrus Oliver" who wants to close a deal for the phone.

And here goes the second dude with the same story just.May i present to you asswhip no.2 "Vera Lewis"

So the guys thought i was born yesterday.And told me that they transfered the funds to me after 2 days.Well, where the fuck is my money assholes? I dont see no money in my account.Its been a month now.Its clear now that these fellas are scammers who are trying their luck to lure some retards into believing them.Hey guess what? I aint no retard.

If you notice the attachment up there, i've underlined a few grammatical mistakes.Don't think a Vera Lewis or Demetrus Oliver would make grammar mistakes like that.But anyway nice try guys, but "proberly" next time if you wanna write an email, go to school first,learn some english before attempting cuz u suck !!!!!!!

So ppl, if you wanna purchase something you really like from ebay,pay a lil more and get it from original) and avoid ebay malaysia or singapore.Take this advice and you'll never go wrong.

P/S: Sorry ppl, you probably cant read those contents cuz its just too small.Try downloading them and read it.Have a good laugh.


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