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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Happy 23rd Lili !!!

hmmm i've known this girl for a while now.. we were not that close back in school... just got to know her better when she got back from the states... anyway, you've grown up already ... so be good alrite... and looks like someone's got a bf now.. oh well guys, too bad try again next time ! Thanks for the dinner and the yummy Haagen Daaz bday cake.. it was good but too filling .. and also when are we going to penang again? lets go jet ski hahahah ....

Anyway,hope u had a wonderful 23rd bday ... and may all ur wishes come true.. God bless...

oh yaaa btw ur present is with Meng ... so get it from her when u see her okay..

hey shirley, we missed you.. so come back quick alrite... its weird not to see u in any photos .. lol


Blogger Sheerbliss said...

Yay!! didn't realised that I'm actually missed... :)

7:04 AM  

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