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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Amber Chia is probably the WORST spokesperson in Malaysia

“Hepi Mahder’s Dei”

Yes. First instincts will tell you to laugh, then cringe, then label the creator of that phrase as an idiot.

What if a person actually spoke it, phonetically? What if that person was Amber Chia? (a.k.a Malaysia’s so-called top model).

Well, Amber Chia may be hot….to some of you people, but to me, she looks like a zombie. And Gintell, the massaging chair business under Panasonic had the guts to actually gamble using Amber Chia in a Mother’s Day radio ad. Looks like the gamble really didn’t pay off.

The next paragraph will describe the disaster that Amber Chia really is.

From the very beginning, we knew from the first three words uttered by Amber Chia that the commercial’s success was doomed. It is very obvious that Amber Chia can’t speak English properly, coz it seemed like she was reading from a piece of paper. Broken English ruled the radiowave. In fact, it should put many people to shame, particularly Gintell and her own mom, for such a disastrous display of sheer arrogance to practice English speaking during ther school days (I suspect she only spoke her mother tongue and broken BM to pass SPM). Why stupid Gintell even chose her I have no idea. Must be trying to justify their position as worst massaging chair company or something.

“Hepi Mahder’s Dei”

Urgh. I cringe everytime time she says that. Makes me feel so much dumber that I want to go and torch all of Gintell’s outlets. Panasonic better try and sell off this shameful business which glorifies stupid broken English in their ads.


Blogger Charles said...

hepi fudder deh

10:22 PM  
Blogger jobless pilot said...

hepi burff dei

12:44 AM  
Blogger Din said...

Did you know you copied word-for-word this blog post from my (now-defunct) blog

I even know that this blog post used to be

I am the guy who wrote this stuff. Give credit where credit is due.

3:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nobody gives a shit, din. Live with it

8:24 PM  

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