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Friday, December 08, 2006

7 reasons to hate singaporeans

1)They are uncreative bastards a.k.a posers who uses "dollars".

2)They always drive at 60km/h on the fast lane of the KL-Seremban highway thinking its
partly owned by their grandfather.

3)They have funny number plates with funny colours.

4)The police doesnt take any "duit kopi".That suxx big timeee...

5)They speak funny Hokkien,English and Mandarin and worse of all they dont speak Malay,
the coolest language in the world.

6)They cut into your queue especially when boarding the bus and give u the fuck-off-asshole-
i'm-first-look when in actual fact they were miles away from where you were.

7)Its mandatory for all guys to join the military.

here's a lil christmas gift for all the singaporeans out there!Cheers


Blogger Charles said...

but singapore airlines is a good airline marr... good service and all and they even serve up haagen dazs after meals...

5:51 PM  
Blogger jobless pilot said...

yeah they're good in not replying after interviews as well..

6:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not only for those reasons I would say.

They are extremely KIA SU.
They look down on you who are from countries such as malaysia, indonesia, thailand etc.
They only judge people by how expensive you dress.
They think they are the best while they are obviously not.
The girls are materialistic; all looking for "5 C's".
They speak horrible english, hokkien and chinese (like you mentioned).
They have the worst tv series ever.
They are backstabbers.

8:24 AM  
Anonymous hendrik said...

but then, sinaporean pretty and educated chics are excusable.

4:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

woo anonymous... it seems like u have a greater hatred towards singaporeans ... who are u??

7:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

here are some more reasons to hate singaporeans:

1. they like to cuss a lot.
they like to shout random vulgarity like chao chee bye (stinky vagina) for the shallowest of reasons

2. they are kia su
i've seen a video in youtube showing women fighting over plastic bags at the produce section of the supermarket. and guess what, they finished the WHOLE ROLL. where the hell would they be using those bags?

3. they are UGLY
singaporeans come from a racial ancestry of indonesian, chinese, malay, arab, indian, and etc. this diverse mixture of bloodlines has led to a race with mutated features. you can see so for yourself.

4:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

as responds to anonymous
they judge people too quickly
wearing a expensive dress and say your wasting money and when wearing normal cloths they say your too poor to buy cloths
i just dislike them for their attiude they are too selfish and defensive like how they read posts like this they flame

3:57 AM  
Blogger abonifi1 said...

After 2 years of living in that atrocious crap hole of a country, I was excited to get out. It’s a cesspool full of horrible low class people who have absolutely no culture at all. They are, without a doubt the filthiest, most disgusting people on the planet, TAKE A DAMN SHOWER you animals, sorry that is unfair to animals, and they have better hygiene and social skills, including cockroaches, than Singaporeans do.
The worst part is its not even their government it those filthy disgusting pigs that are the problem, if they killed all the Singaporeans, it would actually be a decent place.
It’s a known fact that cities attract the low class people, so what to do if your country is just one city? Well guess what, your whole country is low class. Walk down any street and you see these things, which have know Idea how to behave wandering around like they rule the world, YOU ARE INSIGNIFICANT, you useless pile of vile fecal matter. Yes, I think that will be my new term for Singaporeans: useless pile of vile fecal matter or UPVFM, they can call their completely inappropriate behavior kiasu if they want, I call it being a scum bag ASIAN BORN CHINESE, because it is the same exact inappropriate behavior that the mainland Chinese use.
Listen you retarded UPVFM, at least the mainland Chinese have an excuse, they have been locked up and sheltered for 50 f@#$ing years, and you lie to the world and say you are the best of east vs west, you are not. You are a pathetic excuse for Homo sapiens; maybe LKY was right you all obviously did come from China’s worst stock、WOW! Think about it you are the undesirables, of a nation of undesirables. You should be so proud of yourselves……..
I not just going to bad mouth you UPVFM’s, let me give you some personal experiences, these are just some of the couple of thousands I can give from just 2 years of living there, it essentially happened anytime I went into public with these UPVFM’s, just to prove my point, which will not matter because the UPVFM’s will come on here and act like the retarded (I don’t care if you don’t like racist and prefer Xenophobe, they are the same thing, all Xenophobes are racist) racist they are, and blame the mainland Chinese, or the Malaysians, because these UPVFM’s cannot admit anything about themselves, and that is half the F@#$in problem and a big part of why they are UPVFM’s.
Flying into Singapore: My wife and coming from a wonderful vacation in Okinawa, flew Okinawa to Shanghai, then Shanghai to Singapore, we flew business class, big seats, lots of room, Singapore airlines, should have been a pleasant 5 hour flight with plenty of sleep seeing it departed at midnight, and arrived at 5:30 am. We get on the plane, sit comfortably in our seats, and wait for the meal, eat the meal, and then I want to get some sleep, I lay my chair back, and the filthy Singapore bitch behind me takes her filthy stank feet and kicks me in the head as she tries to put he feet on the back of my chair, I am like what the F@#$. She tries to tell me “I paid for this space lah, its my space too”, I call over the flight attendant, she and the woman have words, I try to lay down and sleep again, and this filthy UPVFM’s pig does it again, after an hour of back and forth I finally open my mouth with out calling the flight attendant, and threaten to rip this UPVFM’s head of her neck, and disembowel her with my fork, I could not believe this was allowed in Business class, how low class are these things.
Day 2 in Singapore signing up for cable, my wife and I go to Singtel, to sign up for a phone, internet and cable, we are seated, for close to 30minutes waiting for assistance from the girl behind the counter (as we arrived before opening, there were no customers yet except us, also introducing me to the 2 years of the absolute worst customer service I have ever seen in any country in my life), a annoying Singapore woman, and her two unruly vile non-disciplined children come be loud, disrespectful, and just plain, annoying, obnoxious, unpalatable bastards, and begin screaming at the counter girl, who still has not served my wife and I, let alone done anything I can see for that matter. Soon after an older British couple come in, the man on a walker and the woman with a cane, my wife and I stood up and offered our chairs to them, they are handicapped after all, and the 2 UPVFM children ran up, pushed the old man to the ground and took the chair, that UPVFM mother looked at them and in her vile Singlish accent said “good, leh” I told the kids to get up as the mother would not, and then the mother yelled at me “you don’t understand our culture, Children can do no wrong,” this retarded bitc$ goes, so replied, “your right its not the children’s fault, it the parents fault for not teaching these animals right from wrong.” I then looked at the kids and said “GET YOUR ASSES OUT OF THAT CHAIR RIGHT NOW GO STAND NEXT TO YOUR MOTHER AND SHUT YOUR MOUTHS FOR THE REST OF THE TIME YOU ARE IN HERE!” ironically, by that time many more people had walked into the store, foreign and local, and all of the foreigners had started applauding, funny isn’t it. Then I turned the girl who was suppose to be working and said “HEY BITCH WHY DON’T YOU DO YOUR GOD DAMN JOB AND SERVE THE CUSTOMERS WHO HAVE BEEN PATIENTLY WAITING FOR 45 MINUTES,” finally I got service, an Australian guy also began to talk to me and said, I will fit in well in Singapore with my attitude, and asked where I came from, I told him NY, he warned me there, that the UPVFM’s would not like that for the entire time I live there, I said not like NY, everybody likes NY, everybody in the world wants to go to NY, I have never met anybody who doesn’t like NY, except me, he told the UPVFM’s hate anybody better them, and a NY’er obviously is.
The next day I told my Singaporean Colleague about the event, he goes, It must have been a mainland Chinese, I said they had a Singaporean accent, spoke Singlish, and carried a Singaporean IC card which was in the woman’s hand, he still insisted it was a foreigner that must have PR because Singaporeans don’t act that way.
My first Work Trip: So I had been their about a month, moved into my condo, got internet and cable and had to make my first trip, this was around July, July is hot, I was in Taiwan, my wife called me that morning from Taiwan, crying and screaming, their was a dead guy on the ground in front of our apartment, a dead guy, she was in hysterics, the guy apparently had taken his own life in our condo, I calmed her down and told her to shut the window, I called my colleague, and asked him to check on my wife because she was scared due to seeing this dead body, he told me that Asian culture does not help friends that way, I said, “WHAT? I have lived in Asia for 11 years, I have an Asian wife for 8, are you retarded” so he refused to take thirty minutes out of his day to comfort a foreigner witnessing a live death after being in the UPVFM’s country for only about 30 days. 2 hours later, my wife calls me back in hysterics again, she said she was dying from the heat and opened the shades, and the body is still lying outside on the ground, uncovered and there are little children outside around it, I said they have not covered it? They have not moved it to the hospital yet? What the hell is the matter with these people, there are children looking at the body, are parents freaking? I have only seen such things in a handful of countries, let me list them for you now, India, China, Afghanistan, Turkistan, Indonesia, notice these are all third world countries that allow bodies to stay out, uncovered and children tto run and play around them, and I now add Singapore to that list, my wife and I have a huge discussion about how in NY, or in Japan, they would go out of their way to make sure you cannot see, especially if there are children, but not in Singapore, and the only person I know in Singapore, cannot take 30 f’in minutes out of their day to comfort someone who is new in THEIR COUNTRY. What UPVFM’s they are. Essentially, my wife told me the body sat outside, uncovered for 8hours with children and people walking around it then they put a blanket over it for another 3 before they finally moved it, WTF is the matter with these UPVFM’s.
After 3 months I realized, these UPVFM’s were lazy and did not work, and had to be extremely micromanaged to make sure anything got done and done properly. After 6 months there I was talking to 3 friends, about my disgust of their lack of work habits and ethics, and my friends said it must just be my employees, so I challenged them to test their work forces, being a 6 Sigma Black Belt, and offering free Black belt services that could provide money saving techniques to 3 large companies in Singapore (Symantec, Motorola, and GE) they gladly accepted, I came up with individual rating and monitoring systems that allowed them to rank accomplished work by all their employees foreign and local, GE which found the closest results had their Singaporean staff accomplishing only 1/7th of the work as their laziest foreign employee, all 3 companies however showed the same results, the UPVFM’s were useless, but the companies were forced to keep because of Singapore’s employment laws, these companies then hired me to do more studies for them, all in all Motorola has shut down all facilities in Singapore, Symantec paid a fine and fired all of its Singapore staff, and GE moved all operations to Malaysia.
Like I said these are just a few of thousands of examples I can give over 2 years of being in that shit hole, they are all UPVFM’s, and I hope somebody sinks that island back into the ocean.
Oh and just for the Singaporeans who think what I have to say about your country does not matter, I talked to hundreds of people (maybe more) from every country of the world per year, and I tell them exactly what I think of you UPVFM’s, and I give them experience on top of experience, and this does have an impact you filth.

6:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Singaporeans are a bunch of posers. They pretend to know a lot about wine and music and travelling but in fact they had like one glass of wine in Australia.

Plus I love it when they meet richer and smarter people than they are. Freaks the hell out them.

3:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ya.strongly agree with all above.They are not human beings.a tropical hell.

6:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

like malaysia is any better? sorry but could you please look at your own corrupted dirty country before you talk about some other 100timesbetterthanyours country? maybe you dont realise it but you just sound like you're either really jealous you're not singaporean, or you are some down syndromed retard who has never travelled the world before.

2:20 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

why should they be jealous singaporeans are ugly and nasty
the elite maybe less, but then again, elites exist everywhere

1:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

no one imo claimed malaysia was better, see normal people are not obsessed about these things because they have other things to worry about
it's singaporeans who are like those sorry kids always looking around at what's the in-crowd doing because they have no clue what they are supposed to be doing

1:58 PM  
Anonymous G said...

Well, to each his own. Perhaps you're just shrouded by your own stupidity (hey, may I suggest you study in Singapore? We have a world class education system, jsyk. Doubt it'd help you much though, hmmm...) to provide a more logical stand on this hatred towards Singapore. I wish you all the best in your (seemingly bleak) future. (By the looks of how you argue your point.)


6:28 AM  
Blogger Ian said...

they don't even give a fuck about what the younger generations want,fkin shoving down everyone's throat,their stupid ideologies abt how everyone's gotta be a damn businessman..they don't give a crap abt their music/arts/sports scene all they want is fkin dirty money and economic fkin prowess which they don't anyway.I'M GETTING THE FK OUR OF THIS SHT COUNTRY B4 I GET FKED IN THE MIND TOO.AND BTW,FK ALL THOSE UGLY SINGAPOREANS WHO DON'T HAVE A MIND OF THEIR OWN FOR FK'S SAKE.

8:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


12:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow so much effort for that hatred. i love that misdirected angst of yours.

7:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Yes we speak funny english and blabla but so what? I DONT FEEL ASHAMED...

If we cut ur queue then KINDLY TELL US TO BUG OFF, explaining that u were first. or better--- just ignore it.

AHA all guys have to join cos singapore is so small! how do u expect us to fight with such a tiny, voluntary army?!

Funny colors? THINK AGAIN. Lotsa countries also use the same colors.

They dont take duit kopi cos.. its fair and square not to take it.

How do u know that we drive 60km/h?? U measure our speeds?! Maybe some do but not all kay.

We are creative! Example : Singlish, food, accent.

12:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

They only address Sir/Ma'am 2 the Angmoh....

8:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Everything is based of perspective and I feel it's wrong to criticise the whole population based on how some singaporeans are behaving. I don't deny that they may be in the wrong but lets be realistic here , in the whole world every country will have a few people that will not be 'nice' . Can we honestly say that there is a country with a perfect population with perfect manners? If that is true ,world peace would long have been achieved. Singaporeans should not be judged on with such negativity , all of us are just humans afterall.

12:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm a Singaporean and I'm ashamed that most of us don't know how to respect others. Old people especially old ladies think they can get a bitch pass cos they're old. I don't really speak Hokkien so I don't understand but mostly are vulgarities. Singaporeans hate foreigners and claim they steak their jobs! Why don't they think they are the ones who couldn't get those and stop being so stupid! Foreigners who come to work here are the reason why Singapore is still thriving ( of course Mr Lee Hsien Loong's help too) we should learn to respect each other. I for one really like Canada. I've been there once and everyone there despite they know me or not they respect me. That's the upmost important thing. Lastly, the Singaporean accent is soooo omg. It's do ugly, and yet I heard many Singaporeans spelling so loudly in international airports like Pearson and Hongkong as though they think it's very beautiful. Speaking loudly is something I don't like, it shows this person is rude. I hate the Singaporean accent so I decide to ring myself towards the British accent. If I'm failing at that hen the American accent, either way it's still better than Singapore.

8:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Seriously why are you guys so narrow minded you Can't judge a country like that

10:41 PM  

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