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Friday, December 29, 2006

Where did that year go??

Seriously,issit me or do years go faster,when you get old?

But at the same time 2006 has been an amazing year.Lets see what I did...

1)Stayed in a gaytown called Melaka for almost a year.

2)Went to phuket twice in a month for some "massage" sessions

3)Made some new friends

4)Stepped out and into yet another new relationship

5)Found some new places to lepak

6)Trimmed my pubes

7)Moved out

8)Had more coffees than in 2005

And in 2007 I will hopefully have found a job and accumulating points on my mile high club membership card.Alternatively,I dont mind doing something else like pimping or something similar but I have no experience :(

New years resolutions:

1)Get a job in the airlines.So hopefully some smart Malaysian dudes can establish another budget airlines called Nike Air or something like that so i can fly for them.

2)Take over badawi's place and make Malaysia a better country to live in.

3)Avoid seeking help from Mrs Palmers and her five daughters so often.


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