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Friday, December 29, 2006

woot wooott...

I was walking in curve yesterday and i got myself 2 new cd's which was on promotion.So being the man,I bought My Chemical Romance-The Black Parade which roxx.... if you have a good car audio system you'll definitely enjoy it.. well it doesnt have to be good... a reasonable system will do... it'll make u enjoy your ride even more.So the 2nd CD which i bought is pretty gay as some people see it.... May I present to you... IL DIVO-siempre :) oh well didn't understand whatever they were singing... but its good to just listen to the music itself.

Well,its good to listen to it when you're in the mood for sex with your gf and it'll work for sure.So looks like this cd will be sitting somewhere in the corner til the time is right... hehe :)


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