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Tuesday, September 04, 2007


Have you ever wondered why your car kena bombed by bird shit? After careful study, I’ve found out the culprit(s).

Let me introduce you to Mr. Pigeon

Some of you might think it’s just bad luck that your car kena bombed but let me tell you something else. They choose and pick their intended target. They will check who is the owner of the car and if you’re one of the bad people who mistreat birds, they’ll bomb your car.

Don’t believe? Scroll further down and I’ll show you how they pick their target.
First, they will check your windscreen and see where you’re staying or if you’re affiliated to any organization.

If you’re high profiled person, then bombs away. If you’re not, they’ll check your mileage. Yup, it’s true especially new car. I have the proof. First, they will look around and make sure nobody’s watching them.

Then check your mileage.

By the way, they’re also kepoh and want to see what you have in your car.

Once they’ve confirmed your car is their main target, they’ll call in another dept for inspection.

After approval, then they’ll leave their shits on your car.

So support WWF!(not the wrestling shit,its the wildlife thingy)Show some love to the animals.


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