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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Today's Lesson

Yesterday I was with chee leong and charles in the curve and we were freeloading the readily available internet and laptop in Hollys Coffee.Chee leong as usual the goodboy, google-d for the word "fuck" and found a website which teaches you how to use the word "fuck" in the "appropriate" way to structure sentences.Therefore, i got the inspiration to make a chinese version of it.

I was born in KL, and yeah im a fucking chinese, as u know most of fucking hamgaling chinese in KL speak cantonese...but it also depends on where they live, like me, i live in PJ and most of us speak cantonese and minority mandarin, kepong jai, jln ipoh jai, jinjang jai speak hokkien, sunway jai, damansara jai, bangsar jai speak english, when ampang jai, kepong jai and pj jai happens to chat at the same table, they speak now u see cantonese is very important for those who live in KL, or plan to stay in KL...therethefuckingfore, this lesson is to assist those who are planning to come to work or study in KL, for short, ngoi fau jai...especially for those who is from jb, penang, sabah, sarawak...u have to learn this, im sure u dun wanna feel left out whenever u r with bunch of kl jai...

common phrase:1. lei geh hai - when u disagree with someone

example- ah leong : oi, mahai cham yat ngo diu hai diu jor 2 lap jung dou mm chut ah, geng mou?
ah seng : lei geh hai!!!
ah leong : diu! ngak lei gau lan meh, jan geh...
ah seng : lei geh hai!!!
ah leong : mm sun lei man ngo tiu lui la...
ah seng : lei geh hai laaaaa!!!

common phrase 2:yau mou lan - this is not asking u got lanjiau or not,dun misundertand ok....u say this when u wanna make sure or when you have doubts.

example-ah leong : oi, tau sin ngo gin dou tiu lui, hou lan 7 leng ah!!! mei gin guo gam leng geh lui jai ah!!!
ah pek : yau mou lan???
ah leong : hai wor....lin dai sam dou mm jiok wor, tai dou 2 lap lin dik wor!!!
ah pek : yao mou lan???!!!
ah leong : hai jung lor dou kui din wa hou ma tim ah!!!
ah pek : yao mou lan ohhhhhhhh!!!!!!

common phrase 3: gong lan wa-used when u think that or see someone is bullshitting, u can use it, but gong lan wa is abit out already

example-ah leong : ah pek, yi pai jou mat 7, mm chut lei yam cha, hou lan mong meh?
ah pek : mou la, yi pai kau gan gei tiu lui, hou lan fan ahhhh
ah leong : lei gong lan wa ar??
ah pek : diu, bai 1 pui yi gor, bai 2 gor gor, bai 3 yau bin gor bin gor...sien la...
ah leong: lei tung kui gong yeh hai mai? (pointing to his lanciao)
ah pek : gom leng chai hai gom ge la...
ah leong : gong la wa laaaa!!!!

i know i know, its a bit hard to differentiate among these 3, lei geh hai, yau mou lan,gong lan wa....just practise ok? practise before u come to KL...try to put all 3 in a single conversation...

example- a: ngo ci jor jik lor...
b: yau mou lan???
a: hai wor, chau hai si tau por yat 7 mak dai gor hai bei ngo tai, yuk 9 suin ah...
b: lei geh hai la!!!!!
a: mak dai gor hai mm gan yiu wor, jung seng gor keyboard sat 9 lok hui,lei jou mou?b: lei tung ngo gong lan wa laaaa!!!!!

So thats the end of the lesson today boys and girls.Hope you learned something new today.Have a great day and practice this only with an adult supervision.K thx bye..


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