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Monday, March 12, 2007

weekend rox..

Is it me or issit just me?? Why do girls look absolutely gorgeous on Saturdays than any other days?The chicks, the babes, the girls they all look fabulous on saturday.Even Charles look pretty on saturdays haha.. Friends say I was just being horny. Really? I mean really,really?? I can't be horny on saturdays only alright.Others say its the day when everybody's happy.For those 5 days a week working people, saturday is the only day to let the hair down and pull the socks up.Last saturday all of us ended up in laundry bar in the curve for some drinks and some mouth watering eye wandering sessions.Everyone had plenty to drink and a friend of mine got to know some combination of old and young looking ladies.I just think he has the great deal of guts to actually do something like that.Respect!! Anyway,I'm still waiting for some chicks to watch the movie 300 with me.I heard its pretty good.I couldnt make it with my friends the previous night cuz of some other so called plan.And guess what i did? i ended up meeting a colleague of mine in secret recipe.It was gay.I mean the meeting was sorta gay cuz it was only both of us.Well thats all about the good part of the weekend.Here comes the shit part.. i had an argument with my gf again.Thats shit.Its like an hour of shouting at each other can actually spoil the whole weekend.Magic aint it? But its okay.. i'm quite used to it by now cuz this aint the first time this has happened.OK its time to go now.AirAsia is pissing me off already.. they have issues with the scheduling as i can see... They keep calling me at the wrong time to do something which is right.So what am i supposed to do? I think now its time to head off for the "stimulator"... yeahhhh i loveeee


Anonymous arnold said...

peggy... peggy... where u peggy?

12:59 AM  
Blogger flyboy said...

peggy is at parkson bro

4:24 AM  

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