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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Now Everyone can Cry

Air Asia says 'Now Everyone Can Fly'
Air tickets so cheap its worth a try
Through the Internet You Can Buy
MAS shook their heads 'My oh My'
That Datuk Tony Fernandez fella, he's so Sly
And Idris Jala's plans and sights are only set on profitable routes like Dubai
What will happen to the folks from the rumahpanjai?
As they look up at the planes that pass by
I guess they will stick to using the sungai
When they want to practice thier adventurous spirit of 'berjalai'
Nothing much they can do except ask 'Why or Why?'
Internet access in the rural is as good as Nadai
Our planners and economists never fail to stupefy
Now that the price of oil goes up high
They say prices of goods and services wouldn't hurt a fry
Everyone now knows that its a lie
I can't even afford a drink of Mai Tai
Nor a plate of imported Apple Pie
So Datuk Tony Fernandez I hope you are still our guy
Help make the folks dream of taking to the sky
So that Air Asia is truly for Malaysians and not only orang ribai
We can ill afford the various cukai
Now as our purse and wallets slowly go Dry
We hope we wouldn't have to say, Air Asia, Now everyone can Cry


Anonymous edwin kua said...

I'd end it with ,"Datuk Tony Fernandez, FUCK you Chow cibai."
just my 2 cents.

8:54 PM  
Blogger flyboy said...

edwin?? hahahah...

6:23 AM  
Blogger Wee-Leng said...

Yeah, i'll end it 2ndly - fuck u la tony. eat shit. We have rights man, and u sure know how to take it from us...

9:27 AM  
Blogger flyboy said...

woooo... chill out sis... why u gettin some emo for?? haha

2:40 AM  
Anonymous edwin said...

Wei!! issit true airasia gonna fly KL-avalon(melb) from Sept onwards?
and issit really as cheap as RM800?

9:54 PM  
Blogger flyboy said...

yeah ...

5:06 PM  

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